Friday, June 1, 2018

Being Nice To Landlords

Occupying a facility on rent means being dependent of the landlord for so many reasons. No matter how much irritating or grasping the landlord is the tenant must maintain a good relationship with him. Tenants cannot afford adversarial relationship with the landlord because there are so many benefits being lost in such a relationship.

It is easy to be nice to the landlords of single-family homes than to be with the owners of multi-family complexes and large cooperate buildings with thousands of units. The later case might be difficult but simultaneously it has larger number of benefits as well. Landlord can be a single person or the company who has rented the facility, the plumber and the carpenter etc. Following could be the reasons to be nicer to the landlords:

Extra advantages
Being nice to the landlord can bring extra advantages such as a free fix or an additional service without cost. Trying to be mean and irritable can take away such advantages along with a fact that these service providers would never want to come again.

Help during rough spots
Life is all about ups and downs and help is required in all such phases. Being nice to the landlord, paying rent on time and following the rules can ensure that help will be provided when required. Help can be in the form a little relaxation in deadlines and patience in case of any late.

Landlords remember
As everyone else, the landlords also remember if the tenants have been nice to them or if they have been destroying the property and skipping the lease. They might not confront immediately but they will just remember it. The tenants should remember that landlords and these service providers are a part of the corporate system and can hit hard if they have any business there such as moving to another better apartment, buying a house and renting a shop etc.

A harder life with harsh landlords
The relationship between a tenant and a landlord is based on the contract. The law is usually supporting the landlord. With more legal advantages the landlord can make a tenant’s life harder in the present as well as in the future.

Nice at heart landlords
It’s not always that the landlords are cranky and rude. Sometimes the tenants give tough time to their landlords. To deal with such tenants the landlord has to be rude and strict on the outside but he might be a nice guy with a good heart at inside. If their real self comes up, they might be the nicest people in town.

Landlords do care
The word ‘landlord’ creates an image of a bad-tempered person with strict rules and regulations with pockets full of money, but that’s sometimes not the truth. Sometimes landlords do care about their relationship with their tenants. They have to maintain their reputation in the corporate sector as well as among their occupants. Being nice to such caring landlords can bring additional benefits because of their niceness.

The right path
It is sometimes hard to be nice to everyone and it is harder to nice to some faceless cooperation that owns the facility that means a world to you. Still there are people working in these cooperation, striving for betterment. Being nice to their service providers can bring along some, if not many advantages. Respect can be gained by respecting others. Even if the landlord is not nice, even if he is mean and rude, the tenant has to be nice because it is the right thing to do.

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